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Pour in Place Rubber Play Surface

Pour-in-Place Resilient (Rubber) Play Surfaces

Green Site Resilient Surfaces offer a play-friendly safety surface composed of two layers. The bottom or cushioning layer is composed of 100% recycled, shredding rubber. The top layer, play surface, is composed of new EPDM rubber pellets, 50% black and 50% color and is referred to as Pour-in-Place. Color mixtures can be customized according to project specifications or the customer's personal taste. Color does add costs so prices are subject to change depending on the mixture selected. Pour-in-Place surfaces are mixed on site, there for extremely versatile and can be applied over many surfaces or modified for application over irregular sub-surface materials. This two layer process, combined with aliphatic binder produces a durable play surface with excellent elasticity and wear resistance. All materials used in Green Site resilient play surfaces meet or exceed ASTM/CPSC guidelines and are ADAcompliant.

Green Site sells artificial turf

Artificial Turf Play Surfaces

Green Site sells artificial turf. The product is laid on a graded, prepared sub-surface and can be installed over virtually any surface with proper preparation. Artificial turf is a recycled pile turf that is designed to be filled with coated sand and worked into place until artificial turf piles are supported vertically and appear more like a natural mowed lawn. Artificial turf does require periodic maintenance but is an excellent solution for day care facilities, sports venues and certain play areas. For more information about the product best suited for your needs, call Ray Miller at 410-579-4522 for more information.

Green Site sells Bonded Rubber Surfacing

Bonded Pour (Rubber) Play Surfaces

Bonded Pour is an alternate, cost-effective option to other rubber play surfaces such as Pour-in-Place or artificial turf. Bonded Pour is a blend of recycled rubber mulch and binder mixed together and poured in place at the job site. Bonded Pour has the look and feel of shredded natural mulch with the life expectency of rubber. There are down sides to using this product; depending on the situation, we may suggest other products. Green Site would be happy to determine the best possible cost-effective product and solution to fit your needs. Call 410-579-4522 or email to discuss rubber play surface options. 

Green Site sells Bonded Rubber
Green Site Sells Poured in Place Rubber Surfaces

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